Microsoft tests Windows 11 taskbar, start menu Updates Preview

Microsoft is currently testing the much-anticipated enhancements to Windows 11’s start menu, which received a big revamp with the release of the new operating system from the tech giant.

It’s a welcome development for multi-monitor users, who previously had to rely on third-party apps such as ElevenClock to gain this fundamental feature in Windows 11.


In addition, Microsoft is improving the Start menu in Windows 11 in several ways. In the current 22509 Insider release, you can customise the Start menu to show additional pins or recommendations instead. This gives the Start menu a bit more flexibility, however many Windows 11 users are still using third-party apps.


As part of Microsoft’s ongoing push to incorporate more Control Panel options in the main Settings app, this latest Windows 11 release offers more changes to the Settings app.

The sections in the Printers & Scanners area have also been improved, and some parts of the Control Panel will now lead Windows 11 users to the main Settings app instead. Microsoft appears to be getting closer to ditching the Control Panel in favour of its more modern Settings interface.

However, none of these features will be available for several months. These are part of the Dev Channel round of Windows 11 updates, and some of them may appear as cumulative updates in Microsoft’s monthly OS upgrades. Others may be included in the larger yearly update for Windows 11 that Microsoft is planned.

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